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Premium Wall Decor 3D Wooden World Map with Pins | Multicolored

Premium Wall Decor 3D Wooden World Map with Pins | Multicolored

Premium wall decoration made of wood for home and office

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  • Use augmented reality to virtually try out a world map on the wall. The color of the world map in virtual reality may differ slightly from the original. The standard size is XL (213 cm wide)
  • 3D wooden world map is a modern furnishing element for wall decoration in the living room, bedroom, office or business premises
  • World map made of traveller's wood . Mark the bags you have visited on the map and plan new trips. World map with pins included
  • The world map wall looks fantastic. The maximum complete equipment and detailing without extra charge. All continents, many islands, decorative elements, country and capital city names
  • WOW WOOD was the first to create a wooden world map in German, as well as in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Various sizes and colors are available. Various sizes and colors are available.
  • No tools are required to attach the world map to the wall without damage. Instructions and accessories for installation in the package. Installation time is ок.

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Wooden world map

3D wooden world maps as wall decoration are an excellent design element for the interior. The exquisite design and naturalness of the materials create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in your home or office. Moreover, the variety of models and sizes allows you to choose the optimal variant for any interior and style. Touch the beauty and functionality in one product with 3D wooden world maps as wall decoration.

The contents of the package

Complete with world map all inclusive

Our world maps include all parts of the world, including islands, sea names and decorative elements such as ships, planes and a compass. All continents and countries are labelled.

The contents of the package

Everything for easy DIY assembly

Our intuitive instructions and mounting materials, including silicone tape and templates for correct placement of the world map on the wall, make it easy to attach the map without damaging your wall surface.

weltkarte holz mit pins

The contents of the package

Wooden World Map with Pins

Also included with the world map is a set of pins to mark the places you have travelled to or plan to visit. With 291 pieces showing the flags of the different countries.

Assembly and disassembly

Attaching the world map to the wall

No tools are required to mount the card as everything is included in the set. No drilling of the wall is required as the map is attached with silicone tape. The map is assembled on the wall like a puzzle. The assembly time is about 2 hours.

World Maps Unique and Eye-Catching Decorative Piece

Wooden world maps are a great way to add a unique and eye-catching piece of décor to any room. Whether you prefer a rustic vintage look or a modern minimalist design, there is a wooden world map to suit your taste.

  • World maps for the living room

    World maps as a great topic of conversation in the living room: as an accent wall or hanging above the sofa. Also suitable as a complement to thematic furnishings.

  • World Maps for the Bedroom

    World map in the bedroom: as wall art above the bed or part of a gallery wall, it reminds you of travels and motivates you to reach new destinations.

  • Entrance area or kitchen

    A world map in the entrance area or in the kitchen is a functional helper to find your way around when travelling or to plan new destinations.

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  • Wall decoration for the office

    A wooden world map can add a touch of sophistication to any office space. Whether it's a small home office or a large corporation, a wooden world map can also serve as a reminder of global reach and inspire creativity and innovation.

  • Wall decoration for a café or hotel

    A wooden world map can be used to create a unique and inviting atmosphere in a café or hotel. With its natural wooden surface, a wooden world map can also add warmth and texture to the room.

  • Selfie location for bloggers

    Wooden world maps are becoming a popular backdrop for bloggers and influencers to take photos for their social media accounts. Bloggers can also use the map to highlight their travel destinations and inspire their followers to explore new places

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World maps on the wall as a gift

A world map as wall decoration is a perfect gift for various occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties, anniversaries or as a travel gift. Such a map is not only a beautiful reminder, but also a great way to track and plan your travels.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Does a wall have to be perfectly flat to put up a wooden world map?

It is not necessary for the wall to be perfectly flat to attach the world map. The silicone tape that comes with the world map is very strong. It can be used to attach the world map to a wall with unevenness.

Are all sizes of world maps the same size?

Yes, the equipment is the same. However, only the names of the countries and not the names of the capitals can be seen on the size M (110x60) world maps - this is because the names of the capitals are very small and cannot be displayed well on the smallest world maps.

Are your wooden world maps an exact replica of the world's geographical map?

No, our world maps are not an exact copy of a real world map. We have reduced the size of some continents and islands to improve the aesthetic effect and design.

Which islands are included in the world map besides the major continents?


Vereinigtes Königreich





Karibische Inseln









Sri Lanka



















Bathurst Island 

Melville Island 

Axel Heiberg Island 

Southampton Island 

Somerset Island 

St. Pierre und Miquelon / Newfoundland 

Prince of Wales Island 

Banks Island 

Rio Grande




Bulunski unusual (Sacha, Russland) 




Brunei Darussalam 




Other colours of the wooden world map

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