Geschichte der Marke

At WOW WOOD, we are not only a brand, but also a story of resilience and passion. Our team of Ukrainian artisans wanted to share their love for our country and its unique soul with the world by creating beautifully crafted wooden maps of the world that showcase the stunning design and colours of different interior styles. Our cards soon became synonymous with Ukrainian wall decorations and served as Ukraine's calling card to the world.

However, our lives were turned upside down when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. We were forced to flee our homeland and seek refuge in Germany, leaving behind our beloved factory, which had to stop production as demand for the world maps was zero. But we saw an opportunity in the crisis and decided to bring our products to the European market. We resumed work on the production site and officially registered the WOW WOOD brand in Germany in 2023 and opened an online shop.

At WOW WOOD, we want to help our customers create lasting memories with their loved ones by offering high-quality wooden world maps that reflect our passion for sharing the beauty of the world. We believe our products can bring people closer together and support European family values. With more than 10,000 satisfied customers in Ukraine, we are excited to expand our reach to the European Union, offer world maps in German, Italian, French and Spanish and provide better design for different interior styles.

Our team at WOW WOOD is dedicated to producing high quality products that are not just decoration, but represent our values and commitment to bringing people together through travel and discovery. We offer a 24-hour courier service to ensure our customers receive the best possible service. Join us at WOW WOOD as we share the warmth of the Ukrainian soul with the world, one beautifully crafted wooden card at a time.